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Since 2013 we are constantly developing, organising and structuring the leasing market for consumers. Organising data with our platforms. With several labels throughout Europe, with our unique approach and high skilled applied data science. We provide, collect and structure the leasing market for our partners and millions of visitors of our platforms. Every day helping. This with serveral labels across Europe.

We are still expanding. Helping out our visitors every day with our data and help them to find their way in the jungle of information to come to the best decision for a car. Our intelligent platforms are the beginning of this journey, this for so many business partners to optimize their business and ofcourse also the startpoint for many customers to help them to find their new car and to start an new chapter.

Our company / Our dream

Since 2013 we are structuring the leasing market for consumers and our b2b-partners. Every day helping them with relevant data. Help them to make a responsible choices. Since than a lot of milestones are accomplished. Expanding every year. We strive to be the number one in Europe by 2025. Our roadmap is hard but easy! At least we are dominating Europe and we have at least 18-20 European countries launched and live by the year of 2025. Every year we will add more labels througout Europe, to become a responsible player and added reliable value for our b2b-partners, with insights and data(b2b) and also to become a long term mature platform, where the needs of our visitors will be our constant priority. Our mission, that we believe in the transition: from owning to sustainable using!

Our roadmap is set. It is challenging, but realistic and do-able. We will inform you here about our achievements. We hope you understand that our roadmap is confidential. The roadmap is a leading path towards 2025. First stop: Germany, will you follow us? First

A true story. We started in 2013. And our platform is launched during a pizza night. No clue which journey we started together. We wanted to structure and organise the market of leasing. We thought we could. Learning by doing. For sure, I wasn’t finished with my slides of pizza and all of sudden our platform was alive and launched. We started the platform, we are the 4 founders and still the 4 owners. I like my pizza with pepperoni, the same as 36% of the people in the world. We started this adventure together, because we believe in ‘using’ instead of owning. We are still the same boys, enjoying pizza, work hard, do a little coding, some data science and we love and embrace life. Also cooping with the disappointments in live, but always believing in a dream.

We are still the 4 lost boys from Peter Pan. We still have so many dreams, and to many ideas, after this adventure we really want to start and write another exciting new chapter. But for now we are busy writing this book. Untill 2025 we are writing new exciting chapters in other countries, with our partners and friends in these countries. Together! Collaboration! And enjoying eachother cultures and creating oppurtunities. We really believe that we can achieve and become one of the most relevant (data)partners in Europe. We are still the boys from 2013, we are not a big corporation or huge company.

We are just 4 normal guys, having 100% of the company shares, doing their best, try to have fun, and we try to pay our rent. Be a good father for our children. We work hard for our dream, and ofcourse we have major setbacks and dissapointments in life and in our business life. But eating a simple pizza with eachother, making long hours in the night or evening. But in the end is transforming business ideas and launch them together and make them succesfull alive, the biggest reward. Did you remember your pizza evening? The journey continues because of our friendship. Proud to be part of this. -Quattro formaggi-

WHY? That is a question we often aksed ourselves. Working late. To much work to do, and never enough time to finish it. Barely rewarding enough. Many times with setbacks. Doubts. Getting up and believe in the journey ahead. But we finally we got up and did it. Is it the challenge that thrives us, or is it the ‘belief’. And trust me, we had times that there was a lot of hesitation. Troubled thoughts, but we always pushed the limits, we believed in it. It should be possible. How difficult the task sometimes was. Keep pushing. As we mentioned before, having a certain freedom of bringing business ideas alive, is a great freedom. It is a gift, to bringing something alive. WHY, because we could, pushing our own development to a next level. We are not finished, we just started to explore Europe.

We believe. It sounds really something. A bit scary also. Don’t take it to seriously. Life is a playground. There is much in life that can bring you out of balance. Sometimes it is a jungle out there. Great fun to play there, sometimes scary, but always challenging. We also experiencied our setbacks, hard work, dissapointments. What is our next chapter? Life is like hiking a vulcano, be careful for the lava. The floor is lava, learn how to fly.

We believe that freedom is a great good, exploring oppurtunities. And try to stretch in into your own benifits. We believe that this freedom helps to develop a person.

For example, at our company we want to help. One of our advertising employees is studying at the University ‘Mandarin’ and also she wanted to start her own company. And she also wanted to see and travel around the world. Ok, let’s make this happen. She is now traveling around the world, has her own business and we are doing our con-calls. This morning she did her call from Sweden. It was cold there. But she was smiling the whole time. Be inspired, it is possible to create your own life. Our dream to be active in 18 countries, reach out, find common ground, there is much to find, if you are willing to search for it.

We are expanding, we are always looking for enthusiatic people, we believe in people who are original from the country, where we want to start. Together, we can do it!
Be open minded. But we also believe in dreams, connecting and making a better world. Work is important, but a person is more than work. Are you enjoying life, and do you believe that you have more dreams to fullfill. Do you exactly know where you are in the present and in which chapter you are now. We can help you write this chapter, but we are also interested in your next chapter. Contact us.

300 M

Reach potential prospect

For the end of 2022 we want to reach 300 million of people with our platforms and labels

18 countries

before 2025

Europe is ready for u, active in 18 countries in Europe, reach 600 million people

Smart platform using data
Scaling up / development
Understanding customers
Company Milestones

Meet the people who
make it all possible


First pizza moment

Launch of platform

The new beginning

Platform 2.0 live, intelligent back office system, implementation of data science tool resulting in a smart platform

Alignment with partners in the field

Expansion continues

Next step, Europe is our goal 

Interested in our business approach? Watch our PLV movie

Meet the people who make it all possible

We are proud of our friends, working with us! A journey we will never forget.

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